Gunbuilder II

Gunbuilder II is Infinity® Firearms's next generation Gunbuilder. We have listened to feedback from our customers and re-designed the Gunbuilder to make it easier for you to design the gun of your dreams.

  1. If you are not already familiar with all the Gunbuilder options, please read ALL of the FAQ page before submitting a new design. Many of the common mis-configurations can be avoided by this review.

  2. Design options are selected on a single page - no need to visit numerous pages to select your options.

  3. The user selects with a "starting point" design from our library, and is presented only with choices relative to that specific model.

    Click on the underlined part name to display pictures of the various options.

  4. Note: Saving a Design does not submit it to the Factory for a price quote. To request a quote for a completed design, go to "Your Designs", select "Describe", add any final notes and then press "Submit Design to Factory".
  5. Once you order a custom gun, you may use Gunbuilder II to communicate with the factory. Each of your comments, instructions and questions to the factory are recoded with your design. In addition, each factory response is saved with the design - giving both the customer and the factory access to a complete history of all communications from initial order to product delivery.