As an added bonus to our new pistol customers we are revolutionizing the Infinity pistol experience. Our Infinity VIP experience will offer you the solid head start to reaching your shooting goals. Domestic and International customers are all welcome. Our VIP shooter experience includes the following:

1. Receive an hour of one on one with Brandon Strayer on our recipe for success for maintenance and tuning of your firearm.

2. 1/2 day to multiple days training with various Team Infinity (Chris Tilley, Bill Drummond and other top Infinity Team Shooters...) shooters from around the world on our private range. We have various programs of training available specific to your level of experience.

3. Package includes lunch at the factory during the training.

4. Top Quality ammunition can be supplied for your training session.

5. Click here for a calendar of available training dates.

6. Click here to pay for your training days.

Please give us a call or email to discuss pricing and available dates. Call us at 1-800-928-1911 or by email at